The Journals of Marcus Torenson

Day Two

Morning. Messenger with invitation to Count Sharm for lunch (along with Don Marchenko) and to check up on “Lotus Blossom”. Carriage to Spaceport to see ship. Man with think machine directs us to docking bay 37B. Craftsman Ivo checks outside of ship, then we enter. Move to bridge, power up. Everything green light, except jump-engine. Ivo fiddles, says some bits missing. I walk around. The ship is decorated in New Dark Age Gothic style. Games room. Sumptuous staterooms etc.

Return to inn. Don Marchenko has fine riding horses. I can’t ride. Change into fine clothes/robes. Pass small band of fanatics confused by an Avestite and an Engineer riding together. Don Marchenko’s horse rears and tramples him, triggering his shield. Terek and the Baroness help. The Don shoves the horse aside! Terek finds a poisoned dart. The Don replaces the energy cell for his shield. Horse problematic so is left here for someone to fetch it.

Arrive at Count’s place. Light lunch and idle talk with the Count. Spiced meats, unknown dish. Gossip about family. I chat with Ivo about the “Lotus Blossom”. Don Marchenko is stiffer on the ride back to the inn, and in pain by the end of the journey. A physick is sent for. Retinue dismissed. Go to evening’s prayers.

Gunshot heard! Step out of room but locals gossiping suggest it is Scraver gangs fighting, or Muster slavers. Return to prayer


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