The Journals of Marcus Torenson

Day Three

Breakfast. Gossip at the table is the physick never came out of Don Marchenko’s room. The Baroness tells me that the false physick attempted to assassinate the Don, and asks for any assistance I may give the Don. He looks tired. Talk of Kurgan wars and need for a crusade against them. Personal note: Kurgans are dangerous. Subtle heresy, but with a possibility for redemption.

Time to visit the Cathedral. Ivo approaches someone on the trip to the flitter, but it appears to be a case of mistaken identity. Arrive at flitter port. Join convoy of flitters, arrive at Cathedral. Neo-Gothic Monumental architecture. Service given by the Bishop himself on faith despite adversity. I am approached by two Avestites to confirm my rank and position, then invited to the local chapel at the south gate sometime during my stay. They have “the seal”. The Baroness makes a donation, then we tour the Cathedral before having a short prayer.

We return to the inn for lunch. Then head over to the Amalthean mission. There is an Engineer working on the machines there, and we are directed to Sister Hippolyta who is to join the Baroness’ retinue. She admonishes the Baroness for the intended trip into the Pandemonium badlands. Tea is served. We walk back to the inn, via the Bazaar. Told by a guide that Chainers are about. Approached by a band of Avestites and informed that a “Monstrous Cannibal Demon” is marauding the streets. They’ve found mauled bodies.

Arrive at inn and meet up with Ivo, who discusses technical matters of some sort with the Baroness. Dispute with Baroness over planned expedition to badlands. Move to show Hippolyta to the rooms, and to take confession from the Baroness but interrupted by roar of engines outside. Looking, we see lizard riders and cars racing down the street. A voice shouts “Halt in the name of the Count!”. Mantis guards move to block the race. Chaos and rioting ensues. The Baroness asks me to fetch my flamegun to quell the disturbance. When I refuse, she orders Terek to fetch it for himself. We proceed to the street, and Terek fires into the air. The Baroness shouts
“Desist at once!”. I step forward and reinforce the command with “Your souls are in peril from these actions.”. Rioting subsides. Hippolyta ministers to the injured. Guard thanks for assistance.

Back into inn and prepare for confession. Baroness confesses [censored]. Knock at door. Hippolyta has message delivered from Baron Von Heller, commander of the Mantis Guard, offering thanks. Baroness talks with Ivo about some old acquaintance of his who is apparently being sought for by the Mantis Guard. Baroness suggests surprise visit to him tomorrow. Knock on door. Messenger has message for Baroness (Al-Malik symbol). She asks if answer is expected. He nods. She gives him a written reply. Baroness says that we are attending brunch tomorrow with Amil Saladin Al-Malik. Terek checks the messenger, who is staring out of the window. Terek looks out the window and remarks to Ivo that the middle moon appears larger tonight. Evening prayer.


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