The Journals of Marcus Torenson

Day One

Arriving at Pandemonium for Baroness Allessandra Decados to pick up spacecraft for her Tour…
The Hub (Spaceport), centre of the city. Disembark with Don Marchenko and a handful of guild people, from the ship Ryko’s Trust. Argument between Scraver and Muster crews over unloading of baggage. Muster group approaches Don Marchenko and threatens him. Discussion with Captain Zaken resolves the dispute, with Scraver unloading and the Muster sulking.

Shocked by smell outside, find we’re on wrong side of spaceport. Hire a guide and carriage to take us to a good hotel, passing through the Bazaar, past Guild houses, Decados estate and The Great Way. Arrive at The Broken Wheel, take rooms and meet Don Marchenko, by coincidence, who invites us to join him for lunch. Eat stew, and make small talk. A messenger is sent to give the Count the Baroness’ regards and announce our arrival on planet. Lunch ends. Ask Terek about Marchenko (Military link?) but he saw no action with the Hazat. Guide returns. Discussion of places to visit, shops, Bazaar, Cathedral (too far today).

Go shopping. Waiting for the Baroness to buy clothes, hear rumours. Rumour that Duke Gilgar is “more machine than man” (from guide), demons in badlands, but can’t enter city due to church influence. Little demons sneaking in through tech? Move on to The Wonderful Crimson Gadget Depot & Treat shop. Baroness loads up on wilderness supplies. Next, head to Guild district to arrange transportation to Cathedral. Getting dark. “Pilgrim’s Transport” still open. Book passage for 2 days hence. Return to inn. Baroness sends notice that she is here to collect her ship. Invited to Don Marchenko’s house-warming party. Baroness invites Don Marchenko to the “demothballing”
of the ship “Lotus Blossom”. Attend to prayer.


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